Volunteer Opportunities


We’ve been here for 85 years doing one thing – – educating legal professionals – – and doing all of it through the generous volunteerism and resources of our members.  To say we love our members is an understatement!

LSI would not exist without all the wonderful working professionals who volunteer their time, knowledge, skills, and resources; not just at the LSI level, but at the local association level as well.  Every single component of this organization is the result of volunteers.  From our publications to our online courses and webinars, to our Legal Specialization Sections and CEC workshops, to our CCLS Certification Program, to the amazing conferences presented each quarter, it all happens because of volunteer members like you.  

Volunteers are our heartbeat and come from all over California.  Wouldn’t you love to be part of that?

For more information on volunteering with your local association, please see our list of local associations.

For information on volunteering with LSI, please contact the LSI President at president@lsi.org.