Message from the President

Welcome to LSI!  I am very pleased to welcome you to our new and improved website! We have adopted new ways to present LSI values, areas of expertise, and the good work we do for the benefit of legal professionals throughout the State of California. I hope your visit to our website helps you come to know LSI from the inside out. This website is a unique platform for knowledge seeking and sharing, continuing legal education, and professional development. 

I am honored to have the privilege of serving as President of LSI. As the go-to resource for legal professionals statewide, LSI has a very important role to play in laying an important foundation for current and future legal professionals. I join a T.E.A.M. of enthusiastic and capable volunteers who make up our Executive Committee, Officers, and Chairmen of LSI.  We are all eager to enhance the role of LSI throughout this great state through our certification programs; continuing education through our online classes and webinars; our publications; and professional development through networking.  In our over 86 years of being a beacon in the legal community, we have much to offer the legal professional and those wishing to embark in a career in the legal field.

Thank you for visiting and I hope the information you gain is able to guide you in your personal and professional journey.  

With warmest regards,

Heather Edwards
LSI President